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Best Five Bedroom Armoire Reviews By Experts

Using a Jewelry Armoire can be especially helpful if you have a large jewelry collection. With the different compartments and drawers of this wooden piece of furniture, it’s easy to sort your jewelry by type so you can organize everything. Better yet, many of these partitions can be customized with hooks, panels and other accessories that allow you to store everything properly in every drawer.

While keeping separate storage boxes for your jewelry does not seem like a big deal, it greatly reduces the risk of losing or laying your jewelry. It can also do a lot to protect your valuable items from scratches and other damage that can occur if everything is thrown in the same drawer.

Top 1 : LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire with Mirror Jewelry Holder Organizer Storage, 4 Angle Adjustable, Brown (#ad)

If you are looking for the best Jewelry Armoire with complete customer satisfaction, Then this one will be the perfect choice for you. This Armoire is very stylish and Well made and it fits in any place at your home. It can be easily assemble with a simple screwdriver. The main charm of this product is HASSLE FREE STORAGE system with 36 earrings holes, 108 earrings slots, 84 rings slots, 18 necklaces and bracelets hooks, 1 pouch and 11 compartments . The FULL LENGTH MIRROR will give you a whole view of  your appearance and makeup with your jewelry, accessories and cosmetics.It has also 4 ANGLE TILTING DESIGN and ADDITIONAL PROTECTION that prevents your jewelries from being scratched.

Top 2 : LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Organizer Full Length Mirrored, 2 Drawers, 3 Angle Adjustable Organizer Storage for Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Broaches, White Finish (#ad)

This is one of the best high-quality jewelry cabinet from LANGRIA with so many drawers and slots and hooks! The Jewelry Cabinet is very gorgeous and constructed with durable MDF material. You can place it anywhere in your home and the assembling process is very simple and straight forward. This product has also HASSLE FREE STORAGE with  144 earrings slots, 45 necklace and bracelet hooks, 48 earrings holes, 1 pouch, 84 rings slots, 1 hanging rod, 18 compartments and 2 drawers. The full length mirror is an embedded mirror which is 42’’ long and front-facing that is enough to checkout your appearance and makeup. This jewelry cabinet has 3 ANGLE TILTING DESIGN. Its additional protection system protects your jewelries from dirty and from being scuffed.

Top 3 : LANGRIA 10 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length Lockable Wall-Mounted Over-the-Door Hanging Jewelry Armoire and Accessories Storage Organizer, 2 Drawers Carved Design and 3 Adjustable Heights (White) (#ad)

This Wall/Door Mount Carved Mirrored Jewelry Armoire is the perfect combination of style & practicality. This product is  made of strong and durable MDF. It has a soft black velvet lining option that will protect your jewelries from scratches. It has also LED LIGHT EQUIPPED feature with 10 automatic LED lights which is completely powered by 3AAA batteries. This armoire has SPACIOUS STORAGE system that  includes: 70 earring slots,1 hanging rod, 40 earring holes, 84 ring slots, 1 pouch, 32 necklace and bracelet hooks, 15 compartments and 2 drawers. The full length mirror measures 11.6 x 42.9 inches which is enough to check our outfit.

Top 4: Hives and Honey 9006-608 Landry Jewelry Armoire, Antique Black (#ad)

Inspired by English design, this landry jewelry Armoire is best in the market.  You can Store your phone, watch and ringtone collection where you have the easy access. You will find many uses for the mirror, from makeup to hairstyle to the selection of the perfect pair of earrings. The chains remain tangle-free on the many hooks on the side doors. Felt-lined drawers are cleverly divided to make room for everything. Therefore, your jewelry will not scratch so easily. You will also appreciate the beautiful, delicate holdings and the beautiful finish options of this well-made jewelry Armoire. This product got some great reviews from the customer. Overall, It will be a good pick for you.

Top 5: Hives and Honey 9006-981 Antoinette Jewelry Armoire, 38″, Antique Walnut (#ad)

With a lot of good customers reviews, This Antoinette Jewelry Armoire has a perfect value in the market. With a rich Antique Walnut Finish, this product is completely gorgeous like a piece of art. This Jewelry Armoire has 7 drawers. All the drawers  are lined and padded. The separated compartments will help to keep your small items organized . You can open the door on both sides to hold the necklaces. The height of this Jewelry Armoire is 38 inches. It has a lock option on the top shelf, so you can keep  your valuable jewelries there. You have to lift the lid to reveal a beautiful mirror.

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